Our Mission !

5HTP records is the sublabel of Vortek Records well-known in electronic and Trance music. The main purpose is to offer you a wide variety of chillout, psychill, lounge and ambient music.

What is the meaning and why 5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) ? … It’s the chemical precursor of serotonin, responsible for relaxation and pleasure in your life. Our music will contribute and accompany you in order to attain more relaxing and pleasing moods. We offer you a mix of beats and ambiences through several types of electronic music characterized by mellow style and mid-tempo beats. Modern, relaxing and derived from lounge scenes of major cities around the world, this kind of music is growing in popularity.

We want to introduce you to uplifting music with our talented artists who overflow of imagination and talent to create innovatory beats.

… Floating into space and reaching distant stars, walking through desert dunes under moonlight skies or sailing strange seas to unknown destinations, you’ll experience unique pleasures from our relaxing music selection…

Welcome to the universe of 5HTP Records !